Saturday, June 18, 2011

MTV World Stage 2011 Malaysia

MTV World Stage 2011 @ I-City, Shah Alam !! 30 Seconds To Mars !!

Kalau korang sume minat Jared Leto and the gang mai lah ramai2..hehe..kt bawah ni ada peta lokasinya..

1. Bagaimane nak ke sane? : If you drive, i-City is about 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur city center on a good traffic day and is accessible via a vast network of expressways (Federal Highway and NKVE).

2. cuaca:
MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2011 is a rain-or-shine event. Bring a raincoat or a cap, sun block lotion and sunglasses if needed.

There will be security checks at the door and no bags are allowed in the venue.

4. mai awai naa..:
We're expecting 15, 000 people so if you want the best view possible, come early! Also note that pass holder who is 15 years old or below is to be accompanied by an adult (aged 21 years old or above) who must also have a pass to the event.

5. kod berpakaian:
MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2011 is a free standing event. Dress comfortably with safety in mind. Wear comfortable clothes with ample ventilation and non-slip, covered shoes. Bring earplugs if you wish to protect your ears.

Cameras, video recorders and all other recording devices, helmets, long umbrellas and other sharp, flammable and dangerous objects and controlled substances are strictly prohibited.

7. FOOD and WATER:
Alcoholic drinks, and outside food and drinks are not allowed in the venue, so have a hearty meal before you head to the event. Drink lots and lots of water!

kalau Kasabian ada mai lah aku..hehe

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